1. You’re like a lil star
    who makes my darkest night so
    much more beautiful

  2. Life’s simple pleasures -
    when your voice lulls me at night
    and wakes me at dawn

  3. This is what’s been eating most of my free time lately

  4. If only I could
    spend each moment I’m awake
    dreaming of you love

  5. I closed my eyes so
    your beauty could not escape,
    trapped behind it’s lids

  6. I want to travel
    and get lost in the beauty
    of your deepest thoughts

  7. Sitting on a bench
    listening to her stories
    this is happiness

  8. Waking up before
    she opens her eyes is like
    waiting for sunrise

  9. The moon is rising
    it’s almost time for me to
    be alone again

  10. Sweetness in a Jar: love notes and kisses from Ai :)

Notes of Life, Copyright© by: K. Froy. v1.6