1. I am like a hearth
    always waiting to contain
    you, my blazing flame

  2. He came to listen
    when no one else had the time
    - sadness my old friend

  3. Fireflies on branches
    blooming on a starless night
    - your subtle beauty

  4. You’re like a lil star
    who makes my darkest night so
    much more beautiful

  5. Life’s simple pleasures -
    when your voice lulls me at night
    and wakes me at dawn

  6. This is what’s been eating most of my free time lately

  7. If only I could
    spend each moment I’m awake
    dreaming of you love

  8. I closed my eyes so
    your beauty could not escape,
    trapped behind it’s lids

  9. I want to travel
    and get lost in the beauty
    of your deepest thoughts

  10. Sitting on a bench
    listening to her stories
    this is happiness

Notes of Life, Copyright© by: K. Froy. v1.6